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Asian Grocery Tour & Tasting!

Want to learn the secrets behind your favorite Asian foods? This is the tour for you! (Up to 6 people)

By agreement with the Donor


This tour will focus on 3 Asian markets, we’ll start at Ranch 99 in Wolfe Village in Cupertino. This Chinese Market has it all: a deli for prepared foods, seafood counter, produce and every Chinese condiment you can imagine. We’ll stop at the deli & bakery, walk the aisle & talk about different ingredients & sauces and check out the live seafood tanks.


Our second stop, Hankook Korean Market on El Camino. How many flavors of Spam and Instant Noodles are there? We’ll find out! We’ll also pick up some GimBap (Korean sushi) and pajeon (savory pancake) peruse the Kimchi corner, produce and meat counters.


Last stop, Mitsuwa Japanese Market. Let’s talk sushi! Wanna make your bowl of ramen or udon noodles? All the ingredients are here! If we are lucky, Modo Donuts pop-up from Hawaii will be serving up mochi donuts!


After our tour, we will gather at Debbie’s to taste all our goodies from the markets, taste different condiments, and wash them down with some Korean Soju and Japanese Sake.


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