Master Gardening Episode 1





This event is online. We'll email you the link upon RSVP.

Join us for the premier episode in our Master Gardening / Landscape Design series, hosted by Andrea Gara.

100% of your donations and purchases will support Ann Johnson's campaign for the Texas House.

Have you ever wondered why some people have a green thumb and others can't even get weeds to grow? Why are some yards are a soothing oasis of vegetables, color and shade while others are overgrown jungles or barren desserts?


This series is designed to take the mystery out of gardening and landscape design. Each week, an interactive video conference will be hosted by either a certified Master Gardener or a professional Landscape Designer. Join us and learn the secrets to getting the yard and garden that you've always wanted.


You will also have the opportunity to reserve and purchase the products of our experts' gardens and greenhouses, including:

  • Seasonal baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Plants and seedlings to help you get a jump start on your own garden

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