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Trivia Game Show for VA, 5/2


Declutter for Democracy


Our Community

Welcome to Sister District South Bay from Maureen

We are a group of dedicated volunteers in the South Bay area (part of California SF Bay), working to change the legislative landscape around the United States and build sustained progressive power in the states.

We fundraise, phone bank, write postcards, and work tirelessly to elect our candidates who will make a difference. We also participate in Sister District Action Network's research to determine best practices for increasing voter participation. Read more about what we do.

We hail from different backgrounds, enjoy each other's company, and work tirelessly to bring change. Be a part of our community and make an impact!

Our Impact

In 2020: 6 legislative races (TX, PA, WI & MN), 28K postcards, 23K phone calls, 4K texts, $11K raised, despite the pandemic. See Our Plan for 2021 and 2022

Four of our main 2020 Sister District candidates flipped their previously Republican seats blue and will now serve in their state legislatures: Ann Johnson (TX HD134), Nancy Guenst (PA HD152), Sara Rodriguez (WI AD13), and Ann Johnson Stewart (MN SD44).

Our postcards represented 59% of our candidates' total postcards during their 2020 campaigns and helped the Sister District prove that writing to voters works! Overall, our 2020 efforts rocked: through over thirty events, we raised $107,456 for our candidates (exceeding our goal by 212%), and we called thousands of voters, pitching in 34.5% of our candidates' total calls.

The legislators we helped elect are already taking action: advocating for statewide mask mandate (WI), proposing common-sense gun reform (TX), fighting for working families (PA), and on and on.

See Our Plan for 2021 and 2022
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Your Role

Be a part of our dynamic group of volunteers who make a meaningful change in our country, one postcard or phone call at a time! Step up and help us run events, fundraise, or recruit more volunteers.

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