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Help Election Protection in Georgia

Give the greatest gift of all this year by investing in the New Georgia Project Action Fund's efforts to mobilize voters of color in Georgia.

On Wednesday, December, 16 at 5:30pm EST we'll hear directly from Kevin Danz, Development Manager at the New Georgia Project on their mobilization efforts ahead of the runoff.

Three SDSB Candidate are Winners!

Congratulations to our 3 wining candidates:

  • Ann Johnson / Texas House District 134

  • Sara Rodriguez / Wisconsin State Assembly District 13

  • Nancy Guenst / Pennsylvania House District 152

We'd also like to thank our candidates who did not win this time, and hope to see them in the future:

  • Lorenzo Sanchex / Texas House District 67

  • Amanda White Eagle / Wisconsin Assembly District 92

Sister District Field Results Rocked in 2020!

There are no two ways about it. Our field effort was amazing this year!  Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Phonebanking: SDSB Calls: 22,589  = 645% of our goal!!

SDP Calls: > 708,000 = Up 244% from 2019!

On Average: 34.5% of our candidate's total calls

Postcards / Letters: SDSB Postcards/Letters: 27,576 = 152% of goal !

SDP Postcards/Letters: > 318,000. . . . .Up 58% from 2019

On Average: 59% of our candidate's total postcards/letters

Texts: SDSB Texts: 3,992 = 173% of goal!

Sister District South Bay Raised Over $107K in 2020

We held over thirty fundraisers this year, doing everything from in-person hiking to zoom concerts, lessons and fun events of all kinds!  Thanks to our awesome fundraising team, and all who volunteered, attended or donated to our many events.

SDSB Fundraising Total: $107,456 = 212% of goal!!

SDP Fundraising Total: > $1.8 million, Up 154% from 2019


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About SDSB

Sister District South Bay (SDSB) is a local chapter of Sister District Project.  We harness the energy of volunteers in deeply blue (or red) places and channel it to where it can make a real impact.  SDSB covers the South Bay Area near San Francisco and includes CA-17, parts of CA-18 and CA-19 Congressional Districts.

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